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Best Laptop for Programming

Which is Best Laptop/PC for Android Programming?

Which is Best Laptop/PC for Android Programming?

As we know that, Android Studio is a modern IDE with lots of useful but resource-intensive features like real-time code inspection, syntax highlighting, different visual layout editors, external plugins and more. Besides that, you can also use its integrated emulator to simulate a fully functional Android device to test your app on, which, of course, is not an easy task for a computer either. And to turn your code into something that can run on a device, the project first has to be compiled and built from all the different files and settings it contains.

Keeping view in above all aspects and also based on the long time research here are my given recommendations for your PC/Laptop which will run smoothly without effecting the performance of your PC.

Specs for Running Android Studio
According to my Research i will recommend you to use SSD Drive instead of use normal HDD moreover RAM also play a massive role in the performance of PC/Laptop. If you are using lower RAM below 8GB then you will face many performance problems.

You PC/Laptop Must have following Specs

  1. Hard Disk
    • You Must use SSD Hard Drive Instead of Normal HDD and Capecity Must be above 256GB
  2. RAM
    • 8GB Minimum but 16GB is Recommended
  3. Processor (CPU)
    • fOR Programming Purpose your minimum Processor must be Core i3 but for video editing or other tasks it should be higher according to your use.
  4. Other Things
    • Keyboard     Always Use Seprate Keyboard intead of built in keyboard (laptop).
    • Mouse     Use Mechanical Mouse Instead of Trackbal buit in laptop.
    • Operating System     Try to Use Latest Operating System like Windows 10 Pro Edition.
    • Screen Resolution:     Resolution is HD is better for it.

You Can buy any laptop which meets above specs and all given above specs are best for Android/ any other Programming purpose.

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