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Get Prepared VU CS619 Projects with Step by Step Guide

CS-619 Projects Help Activate Office 2019 Pro Legally

Do You Need help regarding VU CS-619 Projects

As you know that In Virtual University (VU) Final Project is compulsory for MCS, MIT, BSCS and BSIT degree program. Student are required to develop a software by completing its different phases. After successful completion of all phases student need to appear for viva.

Many student don't know how to select and which project is to select there are 100+ Projects Task or uploaded by VU after a student fullfil VU requirements (after getting required credit hours) but many student get confused that how to select and which project should they select.

In today topic I will cover all these problems. First of All Here I am sharing some basic information about Project.

Duration of Project

The Project you will select will continue for 2 Semester in other words duration of each project is 1 Year. And all the task which will be given in project will be devided accordingly.

Which Tasks will be Given?

There are four different Tasks will be given during this duration which are given below.

  1. SRS Document
  2. Design Document
  3. Test Phase
  4. Final Deliverable

Above four task are diveded in 2 semester as I told above.

First Semester Activities

In first Semester first all you need to submit SRS Document after passing SRS Document second task you need to submit Design Document and you will have approximately 15 days to submit. Afterwards Test Phase link will be open as your Design Document will get Approve.

  TEST PHASE      In this task your project supervisor will give you a small programing problem which can be related to Database and Web Application according to your Selected Project in which you need to submit a working program. There will be 30 to 35 days to submit this task. After some days submitting your Testphase your viva will be conducted which will be related to your test phase. This is short viva round about 15 to 20 minutes and this viva will be conduct on Skype. In Viva questions will be asked regarding your test phase problem you have already submited. If you pass to viva then your test phase will be clear and link for submitting Final Deliverable will be open.

Note:       Test Phase circle can be extend to second means 4th semester for some students. In other words test phase viva will be conduct before your 3rd Final Examination but for some student's viva will be schedule after Final Examination.

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Second Semester Activities

After clearing test phase in next semester a link will be open for the submitions of Final Deliverable. Remember that there are 45 to 60 days for submiting final deliverable but keep in mind that this link for submit final deliverable will open only before 10 to 15 days that's why you need to start work on final deliverable after submiting test phase because when testphase due date will end the automatically you Final Deliverable due date mentioned in the task but link will open after clearing you testphase viva.

  Final Deliverable     , this is a final but most important and big task you have to complete to get pass your project. In Final Deliverable you have to submit complete coding files, Database files (If database is used), Final Report and Final Presentation (Prepared in Ms PowerPoint). For Example If you have select Airline Reservation System Project and you develop this project in Asp.Net Language then you need to submit complete project folder (including all coding files) and also need to submit sql or mysql database files before due date. If you not complete your project before the due date then you can also avail extension for 15-20 days by paying 1500 Rs Fee.

After Submitting Final Deliverable

After submitting all these files you will be call for Vivas, here there will be two types of Vivas will taken from you. these are called Pre Final Viva and Final Viva.

  Pre Final Viva   This viva will be schedule after 10 to 15 days (In some case this also can take upto 25-35 days). In this viva you need to show you complete code for project you have develop to your supervisor and also need to explain your code accordingly if supervisor asks. In some cases supervisor also ask from you to write some piece of code for him/her before him/her. The duration of this viva is aproxximately 15 to 20 Mins (In some case It can be reach to 30Mins).

When you pass your pre final viva supervisor ask you to prepare yourself for final viva.

  Final Presentation Viva   After passing Pre Final Viva you will be informed via Email for Scheduling you Final Presentation Viva in this task you need to present only presentation which you already submited with final deliverable. In Final Viva there will be two or three persons can take you viva and you need only to present your presentation and describe all the steps in the presentation by watching your presentation. There will no coding question will ask. All Questions will be ask regarding you programing steps like Diagrams you used in the SRS, Design Document, Database you've use etc. When you have passed this task then say thanks to ALMIGHTY ALLAH. This is the last and final step.

Final Words

Dear Students, CS619 Final Project is totally different from regular subjects. In normal subject student can read handouts , past papers before few days of exams and pass subjects easily. But in project each phase is new and You have to pass 4 vivas, if any viva fail due to any reason a semester wastes so take project seriously and start learning of programming language in which you want to do project like PHP, Java, C sharp etc.

I can also make full project for you and also complete all the tasks at very low rates if you need any help or want to developed project then contact me at WhatsApp. or fill the form below.

I will provide full guide regarding the project. contact me for more details.

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