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Spring 2019 - CS506 Assignment No 3 Solution with Source Code - Health Care Web Application

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Web Design and Developement: Solution of 506 Assignment No 3 2019 Due Date 24-07-2019

Solution of Assignment is Given Below;

Problemt Statement:   You are required to deploy a simple web application using Tomcat Server, named HealthCare for a typical medical treatment center. In which administrator, after login, will view patients detail, doctors detail, schedule appointments and at end, logout from system. All activities will be done with the help of a backend database using MS Access.

Detailed Description:
Admin should be able to login by using "admin" as username and "vu" as password. By considering it, you need to develop an html page (index.html) which should contain a form as shown below;

Fig. 1: Sample Login Page (index.html)

Now, write a Java Servlet ( that will receive the information submitted from client side (index.html), verify the input values; whether entered values are correct or not. If authentication is invalid then print back the message "Invalid Username or Password".

Fig. 2: Invalid Authentication
1 with having following options;
1. View Patients
2. View Doctors
3. Schedule Appointments
4. Logout

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