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ENG201 Assignment No 1 Solution Spring 2019

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Solution Idea of ENG 201 Assignment No 1 2019 Business and Technical English

Question 1:   Identify the correct type of delivery method used for oral presentation as described in the following texts. Choose the most appropriate answer from the given list of delivery methods and write it in the space given below:

• Extempore
• Impromptu
• Memorization
• Reading (5*2 =10Marks)

1. This type of method is an effective choice when you want to have the greatest control of the wording of your speech. This delivery method seriously limits your ability to exhibit a natural style, maintain eye contact, observe and evaluate feedback and adjust the messages. Therefore, you must not choose this delivery method just out of fear of facing an audience, of forgetting the material, or of encoding messages improperly.

Method: ____Memorization__________________________

2.. You have to use this delivery method in the following scenarios: In one-on-one conversations you might engage in a debate with a friend or your boss might ask for your input on a project. A co-worker calls in sick and asks if you can speak on her behalf during the group meeting. You might even have to give this type of speech at a special occasion or be called upon to give an unexpected toast.

Method: ______Extempore______________________

3. While you are using this method, you are literally making up the words of your speech as you go, that does not mean that you do not prepare for it. It has the advantages of preparation, spontaneity, flexibility and full interaction with the audience. This type of speech is likely to be very dynamic and has the sense of novelty and uniqueness attached to it.

• Method: _________ Impromptu_____________________

4. This type of delivery has reduced chances for analyzing the audience, organizing, and encoding a message that required a brisk -thinking speaker. Although you are familiar with the topic, your speech may lack details and supporting information. If the audience is passive and does not ask questions, you may overlook some significant content. This type of speaking is rarely appropriate for occasions which require more reasoned discourse with supporting ideas or more formal events.

• Method: _________ Reading________________________

5.. Below are some guidelines to follow when delivering this particular type of speech:
• When writing the speech, write as if you were speaking naturally, directly to an audience.
• Develop an outline of the main points and then internalize the outline.
• If delivering the same speech to different audiences over time retain the individual sections and then weave them together for each occasion.
• If you forget a word or two or a small section, just continue speaking.

• Method: ___________ Impromptu__________________

Question 2:   Mr. Nadeem Khalil is the Personal Manager at Hilal Foods Company. He is asked to interview candidates for the post of Marketing Manager. Suggest him initial ten questions for the interview. (10*1 =10Marks)


1. What is your name?
2. Tell me about your education background.
3. Where do you live?
4. Do you have any experience regarding this job?
5. What is basic thing you can tell me about Marketing.
6. What is the occupation of your father?
7. Why you want to join Hilal Foods Company?
8. Do you have passed any courses if yes then which type of course you have done?
9. What was your job before and where you was doing?
10. How much sincere you will be with your job?

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