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CS614 Assignment 1 Spring 2019 Solution Working on..

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Solution Idea of CS614 Assignment No 1 2019 Fundamental Algorithm Due Date 15-05-2019

Problem:   XYZ company was established in 1989 in Karachi and deals in the business of garments export. There are 250 permanent employees that are working with XYZ company. XYZ’s admin department is maintaining employee’s leave records in hard form. The leave form currently in practice is shown below:

Now XYZ company wants you to design a Database solution for their organization, you are required to develop a database that is normalized up to the 3rd Normal form. In the future, this database can be used for developing front end application.

A raw table structure along with attributes are provided by the XYZ’s management to start your working on it, is as following;

employeeLeaveForm (employeeID, empName, designation, officeName, dateOfFill, leaveType, leaveFromDate, leaveToDate, leaveReason, leaveAddress, leaveContactNo, leaveProcessDate, leaveStatus, leaveProcessedBy),

Sample data for the table is provided on VULMS for your reference. To view / download this data, use the following link;

You have to use exact given attributes names while normalizing this table to 3rd Normal form.

Instructions to solve assignment:
- Use table employeeLeaveForm and attributes in it. You are not allowed to remove any of the provided attributes
- You may introduce new tables by using the same attributes in employeeLeaveForm and also add new attributes for indexing / normalization purpose
- You are also required to declare Primary and Foreign Keys from the provided list of attributes (Also represent them with suitable DB notation while writing table schema)
- Transform the table in 3rd normal form step by step i.e. First Normal form transformation then into 2nd normal form and then into 3rd. Also, mention the title of Normal Form before the transformation.
- Direct transform relation into 3rd normal form would result in zero marks whether your solution is correct. And this will be imposed strictly while marking this assignment with no later excuses.
- Example of resultant tables / solution should be in the form provided below:

tableNo1 (attribute1, attribute2, …)
tableNo2 (attributeX, attributeY, …)
tableNo3 (attributeI, attributeX, …)

attribute1, attributeX and attributeI (with solid underline) are primary keys in tableNo1, tableNo2 and tableNo3 respectively while attribute (With dotted underline) is foreign key in tableNo3 from referee tableNo2.


Watch the Video below to know that how to solve this assignment with step by step guide and references

Reference: This top is covered at Page 47 at Handsout

How to Submit:

You need to submit this file in Microsoft Word (doc, docx) file formate on or before due date.

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