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How to Transpose Data in Excel in Few Seconds.

Now a days, Microsoft Excel is used in everywhere like Institutes, Companies or department 🏬 to enter data. Many people put data in different ways. Sometimes we need to swap excel data from rows to column or column to rows without retype the data. Regarding this scenario Microsoft put a handy build in Feature called Transpose.
Watch video below to convert your data from rows to Columns or Columns to Rows.

 Description of Steps involved Video Given Above.  
See the example in Picture [1].
Example Picture 1

In above example you can see that ID, Name Company etc. are show in Column B vertically and other Data Attributes are showing Horizontally. Here I need to converted this data (ID Name Company) from columns to rows as you see in Picture [1].

This task can be done easily even for a huge and large data. You need to follow below all steps carefully to complete this task
How to Transpose Columns & Rows in Excel,
Step 1
Open the spreadsheet you need to change.

Step 2
Select entire data which you want to transpose. You can select data by dragging mouse or Just Click the first cell of your data range such as B7 à then press Shift-Click at Last cell of your data range. Here all your selection should be highlighted.

Step 3
Now Copy all the selected data by pressing CTRL+C or from Home tab à Select Copy iconSee Picture [2]

Picture [2]

Step 3
 Now click any other tab Like Sheet 2 from the bottom of the page or just click and select a cell anywhere else in same open sheet outside the select area.

In my case in I have select B3 in Sheet2. You can also select a cell from same sheet but selected cell must be outside of your selected data.

Step 4
 Now Go to Home Tab à Click drop down Small Arrow below the Paste. Then a Paste Dialog will be appeared. Then you need to select Transpose (T) Option.

As you hover over the Paste options, you can see that option’s name.

That’s it We have done. Once we transpose the data, Data in columns will show in rows and rows data will be in column. Now here we can easily sort or filter our data in many ways. See Picture [3].
Final Result Picture [3]

Note: For older versions of Excel, the Copy & Paste commands are on the Edit menu.
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