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MGT 301 Assignment No. 1 Solution Spring 2018 Due Date 17-05-2018

MGT-301 Assignment No 1 Solution

Here, I am providing you "Solution of MGT301 Assignment No 1" But it is necessary to you that please write this assignment in your own words don't Copy and use same wording, make a little bit change in documents so that you can gain marks. 

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Explanation of Solution: 
Nestle, a renowned FMCG has been serving Pakistani markets since 1988 with its numerous outclass products. Nestle is one of the top employers in Pakistan and has created many jobs in the local economy. While working with stakeholders in governmental and non-governmental organizations Nestle is also trying to make a positive impact in the fields of Nutrition, Water, Environmental Sustainability and Rural Development. Not only has this but being a socially responsible firm, Nestle had always focused upon environment friendly operations, ethical business practices and showed great responsibility towards different communities.

The Case:
Nestle with its numerous and eminent brands is equally famous among people of all ages. It has recently launched an out of the box campaign to raise awareness of the importance of hydration amongst children and named it as “Super Heroes Campaign”. Almost all children love cartoons as they are entertaining to see and they learn many things from them while being entertained at the same time. Considering this, Nestle has also changed the packaging of its 500ml mineral water bottles by printing different cartoon characters on them in order to entice and attract kids. The main theme of this campaign is to bring awareness regarding the vitality of water consumption among kids. As per Nestle, children nowadays are busy in a massive amount of activities, with their minds and bodies occupied in work and play. They often forget to consume water, and even if they are thirsty, they may not actively seek it, this practice leads them towards dehydration. Proper hydration is necessary for kids to stay vigorous and perform well at school and other parts of daily routine. This Super Hero Bottles Campaign is all about encouraging them to drink more water for healthy hydration and helps them learn about the significance of drinking the liquid.


After reading above case, you are required to answer following questions.
1) Which of the following marketing mix strategies do you think Nestle has focused upon in this    campaign?

a) Brand Placement
b) Brand Positioning

2) With your selected strategy, how do you think Nestle could maximize its brand fame by
generating large amount of revenue?

Answer 1
        Brand Positioning

Answer 2:
   There are four essential elements to make an appropriate positioning statement:
 1.      Trap customers: in the initial stage the brand should consider the ways of trapping customers to achieve this target, it is crucial for the brand to make acknowledgement of customer’s interest, needs and requirements by making a full time analyses of their social and individual behaviors.
2.     Market Definition: now it’s time to consider that in which category your brand is competing and dealing with your customers.
3.     Brand Promise: What is the most persuasive (emotional/rational) advantages a customer can avail by your target, and how these can make you prominent from all other rivals of yours.
4.     Reason to Believe: What is the most convincing substantiation or proof that your brand delivers on its brand promise?

After considering all the steps know you can draw you positioning statement;

ü  To [trap customers], [company name] is the only [reason to believe].

ü  In order to create a position strategy, you must determine the unity and promulgation of your brand in competition with other brands in the market.

ü  Determine the current position of your brand which is prevailing in the market at present.

ü  Make acknowledgement of your direct and face to face rivals. 

ü  Analyze the brand position of your competitors.

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