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CS 408 Assignment No. 1 Solution Spring 2018

CS-408 Assignment No 1 Solution Spring 2018

Here, I am providing you "Solution of CS 408 Assignment No 1" But it is necessary to you that please write this assignment in your own words don't Copy and use same wording, make a little bit change in documents so that you can gain marks. 

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Explanation of Solution: 

Find Samsung Galaxy Tab 37.0 and Lenovo Tab 7 Essential. Examine how they have been designed, paying particular attention to how the user is meant to interact with them.

(a)  From your initial impressions, make a note of what first comes to mind as to what is good or bad about the way the devices work. The range of tasks a typical user would want to do using them.  Compare both devices and tell which of the devices can’t fulfill the user requirements and what are those requirements?

          For explanation watch the video 

Following is the comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 37.0 and Lenovo Tab 7 Essential according with the features and specs:

(b)       Based on your study, compile your own set of usability and user experience goals that you think will be useful in evaluating the device.  Decide which are the most important ones and why.

 The above mentioned specs are very useful while selecting or choosing the tablets according to the specs and features sequentially. Because whenever one choose the mobile or tablet he / she focuses on the above-mentioned features…

(c ) Translate the core usability and user experience goals you have selected in two or three questions.  Then use these questions to assess your device (sample questions: what mechanisms have been used to ensure safety? Is it fun to use, etc.).

There are four simple core usability levels of User Experience are
·       Utility
·       Usability
·       Desirability
·       Brand Experience

The two levels which the user experience designer has most control over are usability and desirability.

1. Utility:-

 The very first step of the user experience is utility. The questions that must be answered for a product to have utility are:
Is the product useful to the user? Does it have a purpose that the user accepts?
Does the product meet the needs of the user?
Without utility it’s pretty clear that there is no user experience. A potential user who does not see a product as any value to them or does not perceive that product to meet their needs is not going to become a user in the first place.

2. Usability:-
Usability is the next step up the user experience chain. It answers the question in positive manners:
Is the product easy and intuitive to use?
Does the user like the way that this product looks and feels?
Does the user want this product more than similar products
Usability was often mistaken for the user experience until fairly recently. The assumption, that a product which solved a problem and was easy to use was enough for users, was a sensible idea but it turns out that this is not enough. The user expects more from a user experience and products that go beyond the usability phase are those that compete best in their market place. Apple’s iPod, for example, was not the first MP3 player.

3. Desirability:-
There are some big questions associated with this level of the user experience:
In any category of product, there are many competitors. Assuming that the market for the product is established; it’s likely that almost all products within the marketplace pass both the utility and usability tests.
It is also desirability which commands a premium in market places. Desirability enables the user experience designer to add “cachet” to a product which would otherwise be lost in amongst other similar products in terms of utility and usability.

4. Brand Experience:-
Brand experience is, to a large extent, outside of the user experience designer’s control. However, brand experience is intimately connected to the desirability of products and it might even be argued that it is not separate from desirability. Brand experience answers the question:
Does the user feel good about the product and the company/brand that makes it?
This may explain why Microsoft has had such a hard time breaking in to the hardware market an area in which Apple, for example, excels. Windows may be the dominant operating system on the desktop but it would be hard to argue that Windows users feel good about that. Whereas Apple users do, and are highly vocal about, feel good about the

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